Tips on how to survive as a Tourism business during Covid_19

By now we are probably so over hearing the words: Pandemic, unprecedented, we are in it together, social distancing and I am sure there are more buzz words out there that are starting to make us cringe.  Even though language is important whilst changing culture and dealings within the crisis it can get way too much mentally right? Well one thing is for certain from here on things will be different! There will be a ‘New Normal’.

To all my Tourism Friends and Colleagues here are some tips that we have personally implemented during our ‘hibernation mode’ as a business and I really hope it helps adds to your : NEW NORMAL

  • Wording whilst responding to customers and clients during this time are not We are closed until further notice  for business but rather we are currently in hibernation mode as a business. Therefore when responding via phone or e-mails it gives platform that the scaling of the current staff and tasks are different.


  • DIVERSIFY YOUR BUSINESS: Become creative on how you can create sales through different avenues, finding the need within the community or destination and the resources that you already have within the business.  It could even look like having a sub-side business perhaps


  • Negotiate with Landlord about your rental agreement


  • Implement  and register Jobkeeper and look at your current staff and who they are assist them where necessary.  Before reinstating, remember you want staff that are happy to adapt differently, can work in different roles or a few different roles as part of their job


  • Encourage staff to upskill and participate in online training and education.  So many deals or even free things to learn currently.


  • Have a closer look at your Assets or Capital, are there things that could be sold, or reduced
  • Analyse Bills like registrations and Insurances and see if they are applicable to the business for right now or you could re-adjust by reducing some of them
  • Implement operation strategies with signs,images and your policies that are Covid-19  friendly when re-opening with business operations

By Nicole Alder


Author: trailblazertours

Mentor, Speaker, Consultant, Business Development Executive in Tourism and Education. Digital Content Writer

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