Take me back when teaching was easier!!!

stressed teachers for online teaching

I often like hearing the personal stories of individuals it gives perspective and often I am grateful of the labouring that has gone before us to where we are now, but then also there is an underlying statement within that resounds “It was so much easier back then!’ Perhaps one could say they were way fewer distractions for the students. Term 3 contains usually those crazy moments where teachers have those extra cups of coffee and perhaps some sweet snacks here and there. So as I am reflecting on all the very hardworking educators back in the day or in the present I thought I would like to give some points of encouragements that might help to bring some of the past and some of the present together.


  • Creative Writing: Creating shading and art behind poetry and front speech Orals of these (A.B Patterson is always a favourite)
  • Outside games that entice imagination and comradeship/team building/leadership
  • Daily weather and news reports for the day (This covers a lot of KLA’s with keeping it fun and interactive for Students)
  • The yearly seasons and knowing our trees and plants that bloom and why and how they benefit the Australian bush and rainforests (bushfires and plants that germinate with bushfires, fish and dolphin relationship as per the indigenous culture, Cockatoos and parrots mark seasons of this Great Southland
  • Explorations and Expeditions that we can track to capture history whether they are virtual or excursions or camps, there is always an awaiting adventure or thought-provoking for the now
Old times Bulwer School on Moreton Island

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